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(Since 2005)
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Solution Enhancement Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia in Year 2005.
We are involved in engineering work such as electrical design for control system, SCADA systems, wide range of process control system and site cabling installation works.
Our instrument products include Electro-Precipitator, MEZ industrial motors, ADTEK Digital Indicators, Batch Controller, Totalizer, Datamax Digital Ampere & Voltmeter, Contrel Earth Leakage Relay and others.

Engineering - Instrument Product   ||    ADTEK    ||    DATAMAX    ||     MEZ    ||    Electro-Precipitator    ||
ADTEK is an economic type of Process Indicator that has been designed for high accuracy measurement, display and communication with DC signals. It also available for relays output contact, analog retransmitted output,
RS485 interface with versatile functions such as controls, batch process and alarms for wide range of industrial application. Product range such as Totalizer, Batch Controller, Ampere/Voltage meter and etc.
DATAMAX signal Converters / AC Current or Voltage Transducer / Distributor is an economical, compact device for sub-metering application. The input signal will be provided by any data industrial sensor and many other pulse or
sine-wave signal flow sensors. The onboard microcontroller and digital circuitry make precise measurements and produce accurate drift-free outputs. The compact case can easily mount on panels, din rail or enclosures.

MEZ is a top quality guaranteed industrial motors which are a Siemens designed motor. MEZ is the subsidairy of Siemens. Optimal solution in any industrial application, with high efficiency, low noise and low vibration level.

Electro-Precipitator system is use for the treatment of wastewater without dosing of chemical. This system is widely used in US and Europe and it is very economical and is a environmental choice for meeting water treatment
discharge standards and compliance requirements. This system capable of removing heavy metals as oxide, suspended solids, complex organics and etc. It is a low operation cost, low power requirement, low maintenance
and it is a very reliable and consistent system.
Heavy metals is water such as copper, zinc, chromium, lead, cadmium and etc are generally reduce by at least 95% at one pass through.
Dissolve clays, silica, carbon black and other suspended materials are generally can reduce up to 98% at one pass through. We do have a demo unit, please feel free to contact us.

Engineering Work & Services
Control Panel Fabrication and Design - We have been in this field of work as long as we can remember. Basically, our custom make electrical panels are mainly relates to industrial control system such as
water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, chemical control system, boiler control system, and many more. The panel design are make to suit to the specific system as per customer requirement.
Our engineering team will generate all the necessary documentation and drawing i.e. Electrical Control Wiring Diagram, Control Panel Layout Drawing, Control Philosophy Diagram and etc.

System Process Programming - Our engineers are very knowledgeable on the programming of PLC, HMI and SCADA for particular product such as Mitsubishi PLC, Omron PLC, Yokogawa Stardom, Yokogawa FA-M3,
Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS, Proface HMI, Schneider PLC, Phoenix Contact PLC, Citect SCADA and etc.

Site Installation & Cabling Work - Our site installer team are capable and experience that can execute job in any location required. We do provide short circuit testing, wiring looped test, meggar test and others as required.